I’ve relaunched!

Again. I’ve relaunched again.

failure to launch

I keep vacillating on whether or not to blog – and even when I have the overall urge to blog I find myself NOT blogging. Sooooo I’m going to give it a shot again.

Recently I started driving for Lyft. It’s not really for the money per se, but mostly for the interaction with other human beings. I’ve been doing it for a week so far and really enjoy it. My first ever pick up was this latino gentleman I picked up in a trailer park – who I then drove to a less nice trailer park.

Since then it’s been fun. I tend to drive the later hours and as such have driven around quite a few people I’d label as “intoxicated,” and a few I’d label “completely fucked up.”

I picked up one fella near ASU. He asked me to wait so he could get a sandwich at Jimmy Johns and I was more than willing to oblige him (since I’d already dropped the flag for the ride). Then he comes back and is wrangling his equally fucked up friend to find us, which he eventually does. I’ve asked three different times as this point where I’m taking him but he’s on the phone again looking for another friend. Finally, with all three in the car I get the location… which is about 5oo yards away. Take a few but I drop off the friends, and the guy who made the original request says, “Hey… can you take me back to the hub?” – The “hub” is where I picked him up.

“You want me to take you back to where I picked you up?”
“Yeah – I’m meeting a girl.”

So yeah – it’s a wild time.